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Independent Living Skills

Mrs. Spurlock
Mrs. Spurlock

Instructor: Kimberly Spurlock


Practical Assessment Exploration System (PAES) is a comprehensive work development curriculum that is hands on. PAES provides Training, Assessment, Exploration, and Work Behavior Development. Skills needed for successful transition to adult life.

Independent Living Skills (ILS)

Program Goal
It is the intent of the school system to provide mentally impaired students with the opportunity to become independent in daily living skills, community awareness, and vocational readiness. We believe this can best be achieved in an environment that can provide learning experiences in a real-life setting, while providing opportunities for interaction with peers.

Program Description
In the Independent Living skills Program, students are provided a great opportunity to receive special training in daily living skills and career exploration. This includes daily upkeep such as vacuuming, dusting, mopping floors, washing dishes, and laundry. In addition, they will learn about yard care and minor maintenance duties. They assist in making out menus, grocery shopping, and meal preparation. Proper nutritional selections and good health practices are encouraged.

Students are afforded opportunities to improve social and interpersonal skills. Making good use of leisure time, getting alone with others and making choices as to what they want to do is very important. They receive experiences in greeting visitors, answering the telephone and delivering messages as well.

Students will be provided with opportunities to improve their work habits and job skills, both in a small group and on an individual basis. They will also learn about safety skills, how to obtain a job, and focus on finding what job fields they want to pursue. We will work very closely with the high school teachers and administrators to make sure that all of the student's needs are being met.

Seniors and juniors enrolled in the ILS program ride the vocational shop bus in the morning and return to their home school for by lunch. Sophomores and freshmen enrolled in the ILS program ride the vocational shop bus in the afternoon and return to their home school at the end of the day.

At the onset and conclusion of each year, students will be assessed to determine what skill they have mastered and what skill they need to focus on for the following year. All students will be assessed using the Adaptive Behavior Assessment Scale (ABAS-II). Students will work through a series of life skills and career classes. By building upon their successes in the ILS Program, students will be given a greater opportunity to become independent and contributing citizens within their respective communities.